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VISEO is part of the REQUEST program

The aim of the REQUEST project (Recursive Query and Scalable Technologies) is to explore and develop technologies around Big Data, Big analytics, visual analytics and cloud computing. It gathers many partners, from big companies -Thales, SNCF-, to SMBs -Talend, Syllabs, Altic, Aldecis, VISEO-, and six academic labs -ERIC in Lyon, LIP6 in Paris, LIMSI in Orsay, LABRI in Bordeaux, L2TI in Paris, and UTT in Troyes.

A group of challenges for the users

VISEO partners with some major names in the industry to join the REQUEST project. VISEO is part of the project through LaBRI.

This project relies on three points:

  • Innovative request technologies: intelligent & iterative recursive request, streaming.
  • New analysis algotrithms implementation
  • New visual analytics technologies (toolbox approach)

In the end, the aim of this project is to go and see the final users with a set of challenges (access, protection of the citizen/infrastructures, environment/transportation, education, training, culture…) around the following markets: cybercrime, cybersecurity, smart city (transportation), and multimedia.

More information on the project on Thales and LaBRI.