The Most Innovative solution for exploratory analysis of big times series data

About us

A skilled team

DeltaMetric has been developed for more than 10 years to respond to the challenges raised by digitalization. Started by researchers in data mining and data visualization, DeltaMetric was developed on the following paradigm:

  • Your data, your metrics, your logs evolve with time or any other dimension.
  • This variation cannot be neglected anymore. However, no tool enables a graphical and interactive access to this information potential.

DeltaMetric brings a solution to this new need by offering data processing tools to your time series, value distribution, and any other data containing multiple values.

fred Frédérick Vautrain
Director of Data Science VISEO,
co-founder of DeltaMetric.
mathieu Mathieu Barrault
Development Director DeltaMetric, 
co-founder of DeltaMetric.

Doctor in Data Analysis from the Dauphine University, and graduated from HEC – Challenge+, Frédérick Vautrain has worked on many data analysis and artificial intelligence methods for industrial and research contracts, both at a national and European level, within the Centre de Recherche en Mathématiques de la Décision (Ceremade).


Mathieu Barrault holds a DEA in applied mathematics, is Doctor in geographical information science, and post-doctoral of the Zurich University. He also worked for LaserScan as a geographical information system consultant. There, he was able to develop his skills in information visualization, mathematics and computer science.