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Opinion Column on Data Analysis

Bertrand Chaillet, Director of the Energy & Environment sector for VISEO, wrote on June 1st 2015, an opinion column on the Usine Digitale website on data analysis.

In his column, Bertrand Chaillet underlines at first that, as consumers, we should be truly happy about the 168 billions euros spent in building massive networks of drinkable water in France. He also points out that operators should soon be less happy about the context as their maintenance costs are expending while consumption managment and price stagnancy weight on their revenues. 

A long term startegy based on data analysis

From there, Bertrand Chaillet then speaks about a new global and long term strategy based on data analysis and new smart consumption meters in order for the operators to maximise their operating costs, reduce unpaid bills and fraud and develop new kind of their services for their customers.

Read the entire column here (in French)

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