The Most Innovative solution for exploratory analysis of big times series data


Create, explore, analyze and present your graphic tables

With DeltaMetric Designer you can create your first graphical tables from classic imported data. Behind these tables, there is a new type of data. Added to the usual numbers (whole or real numbers) and texts, are curves, distributions or ranges of values, which we call data containing multiple values.


Thanks to the unique management of this new data within tables, DeltaMetric enables you to work with your most dense data, such as time indicators evolution (curves), your pool results (distribution) or your confidence interval within a table.

With DeltaMetric, you can configure the graphics of your data containing multiple values in order to get the best variation representation possible within data containing multiple values, but also according to other data.

Each line of the table becomes a dashboard, and with DeltaMetric, you can compare these dashboards! Dense and multi-dimensional information, graphically structured for a synthetic view and a simplified exploration.


DeltaMetric not only offers a structured and graphic report of your data, but the solution also extends tables’ functions to data containing multiple values. You can apply arithmetic operations on curves, as well as many operations specific to this data (missing data management within the curves, standardization, extracting indicators…).

Thanks to these functions, you can lead an analysis on these numbers, and on the variation (evolution, volatility…) characterizing your indicators.